Our team of professionals is standing by twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to assist you.


We have diligently maintained and surpassed Cal-OSHA’s requirements for the past nine years.


Quality control at Rountree Plumbing involves detailed procedures for materials assessment and handling.


Before structures can be built there are many services or utilities that need to be considered before you are able to construct the building frame and interior concepts. Whether it be sewer, water or gas connections, large capacity grease interceptors or wastewater treatment, Rountree Plumbing & Heating Inc. has many years of experience working on the necessary site utilities to establish services for future developments.


Rountree Plumbing and Heating Inc. has worked with clients new and old to repurpose or modify workplace spaces to meet goals or match current trends. Several of our clients have relied on RPH for 40 plus years. Many of our longtime mechanics have returned to past projects several times to meet new goals. Being a familiar provider, helps us to lower overall project cost by both, reducing design time and labor.

Many of our remodel clients are not able to close operations to perform necessary repairs or upgrades. Working hand in hand with clients and their needs Rountree Plumbing over the years has performed many remodels either after hours or during business operations while keeping the business in production.


Rountree Plumbing & Heating over the years has worked repeatedly with many clients to complete and implement their designs and concepts. Tenant improvement build outs have been the bulk of our work through out the history of our company.

Working with architects, engineers and clients we have converted, remodeled and built out existing spaces to the satisfaction of our clients by providing on time, within budget projects.


With over 75 years of experience working in Northern California and Nevada, Rountree Plumbing has worked repeatedly with nearly all the cities and municipalities. Many Building departments have unique code enforcement requirements. We feel with our experience with the all the different counties and cities we are able to anticipate either schedule setbacks or unique costs that may be associated with working in California and Nevada’s various counties.

Rountree Plumbing throughout the years has worked with its clients to successfully obtain permits and construction documents to ensure code compliance with the building authorities. Our familiarity with the building departments and their inspectors has helped us to guarantee successful completion of projection with few surprises to reach permit final.


Green Buildings are buildings that through their design and construction, reduce or eliminate negative impacts on its surrounding environment. This holistic approach to construction not only preserves the environment but can improve overall quality of life. Located in the State of California, Rountree Plumbing has had a large percentage of its work satisfy Cal Green, LEED and WELL building design criteria. Standards for Green Buildings are often evolving to incorporate the changing needs and requirements of our client’s requests.


Whether it be a complete design build, ground up project or simple equipment replacement, Rountree Plumbing and Heating has over 75 years of experience in design build and design assist projects meeting our clients needs.

New Buildings and Remodels need to meet California’s many requirements for green building standards. We have been working with cities, municipalities and clients to provide documentation to ensure these standards have been maintained.

Today many new requirements come with documentation for both the client and building authorities. In the past much of the documentation was provided on paper. Over the years Rountree Plumbing has changed with times providing most of today’s construction documents electronically.

Whether it be 2D, plan view paper drawings or Building Information Modeling “BIM” projects, we are able to meet the requirements of our clients needs for their records and project compliance.

Why Choose US

Quality Control

Quality control at Rountree Plumbing involves detailed procedures for materials assessment and handling.

The Cutting Edge

In the last three years our engineers have utilized AutoCAD extensively for full 3D rendering of the work site.

Superior Value

Our preconstruction services anticipate the level of workmanship and material requirements specific to each job.